Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who writes this stuff??

I'm as much a fan of t.v and the movies as the next person. I enjoy relaxing with a good show or movie, usually I'm crocheting at the same time, but it is relaxing. My favorite has got to be the Psycho thrillers, CSI, NCSI, those types, though I also enjoy drama, comedy and other things. I also enjoy some of the reality programs, such as the ones on TLC or HGTV. The thing I don't understand is shows like the bachelor/bachelorette. I mean honestly, you put these people in a huge house together, tell them they are all going to date the same person and in the end whoever is with that one person is going to get $100,000,000 oh and of course throw in the fact that they will be on camera for the world to see. Then you actually expect these people to be themselves! Honestly! How can they think this will work?? I don't understand, no wonder there is only what, one couple that have actually gotten married and are still together. I don't see how anyone can expect any of these people to be natural, too many people are watching this (why I don't understand). They are being offered all these things to get married to someone that they really don't know. How can you honestly get to know someone enough to want to marry them when they are dating 24 other people at the same time?? I do not understand how that can be accomplished. You can't get to know someone like that! They are going to be on their best behavior the whole time because there are cameras rolling! Sure when you watch the show you see a bit more of what goes on in the house than the bachelor/bachelorette, but they don't see any of this until the choice is already made, then after they make the choice they have what three months when they still can't see the person because they have to wait till the show is aired. Then of course you have to take into consideration that they usually don't live anywhere near each other, so one has to move to make the "relationship" work, leaving behind friends and family for someone that they really don't know at all. Wow, it's a wonder more of these "couples" don't make it! I also don't understand how anyone can be ok with it, I mean, in the real world no one in their right mind would knowingly date someone who is dating 24 other people at the same time, can you say wrong? It just isn't possible to get to know someone in that kind of environment in that short of a time frame and feel like getting married in the end. Real life just doesn't work that way!! Before you say anything, I have watched the show, for part of one season before I just got sick of it.

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