Friday, July 3, 2009

I hate colds!

It's a nice 17 degrees Celsius outside like it has been for the past week, yes I will admit it has been raining on and off but I have not been running around in it. Why then do I have a cold?? So many people believe that colds only happen in winter. Oh no my friend, I get a cold almost every summer, lucky me! I actually decided to go on line this morning and try to figure out why we get a cold in the summer. I never really found out a whole lot. It's a virus (big surprise) you can catch it by being in contact with others that have it, wow, didn't know that one! Maybe I just found the wrong web site or something. It did give me a few good points, stress and allergies can bring on a cold, I had both of those this past week-end.
It all started on Saturday, my daughter was with her grandparents, so her dad and I went to a stag and doe. Sooo much fun, lots of laughs, a couple of drinks. I even had a couple jello shooters. Then while laying in bed that night I could feel my upper lip and eyes beginning to swell. When I woke up in the morning I looked like I had been punched in the mouth, and my eyes, well, lets just say my boyfriend said I looked Chinese (no offence to anyone, my eyes were just swollen that much). I have no idea why my face did that, the only thing I can think of is some great new allergy that I didn't have before. Yeah me! Then of course there was just normal everyday stress. So according to the research that I did this is why I have a cold. Still really doesn't tell me all that much. It also tells me that humidity can have an affect on cold season as well. I live in Ontario, can't really get away from the humidity. Maybe it's just that silly Rhino running around every where. Can someone please put him in a cage already??

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