Friday, July 10, 2009

Things they never told me about being a mom

Life really changes when you have children. There are somethings that others tell you but there is a lot that no one really talks about. Sometimes we are so afraid about what others will think of us that we never say how we are really feeling, it's great when you have someone that you can talk to about anything, unfortunately we don't always have that person around. I was watching The Oprah Winfrey Show the other day and they had a bunch of mothers on talking about the things they like and don't like about being a mom. They called it a judgement free zone, a place where you could talk about your worries and fears without the worry that people would look at you as if you were a bad mother. They talked about the things that they just really didn't like about being moms, dirty diapers, throw-up, super late nights, snot, those kinds of things. Then Oprah asked the mothers to come up with things that no one had ever told them about being a mom but wished they had known. It got me thinking about things that I found out only after I had my daughter, things I feel it would have been nice to know before hand but at the same time, I know I probably wouldn't have totally understood before baby. Here is my list
- There are times when you wish you were kid free again
- At times you feel like you have no identity of your own, you're just the mom
- By the time your child turns 3 you automatically have 2 kids, your child and their father
- You will never feel as if you have had enough sleep
- Sometimes you will get so frustrated you will need to walk out of the house for a while
- There are times you will wish you listened better in school because you have no idea how to answer your child's questions
- Some days you will forget that you had a life before you had kids (this is not always a bad thing)
- Most of the time you feel as if your child is better dressed and more put together than you are
- Your purse becomes soo much more, a first aid kit, a toy box, a colouring book (that wasn't a nice one)
- You no longer remember what normal band-aids look like, all the ones you use have characters on them
- You realize that you can actually love someone so much it hurts
- You find that the best part of your day is when your child comes up to you out of the blue and tells you they love you
- They teach you to really see things again, with wonder
- They make you appreciate quiet time :)
Not everything that I didn't know is a bad thing, that's what you realize when you have kids. Even the things that totally frustrate you still make you smile. Honestly, children are great teachers if you just listen to them.

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