Monday, July 6, 2009

Old Soul, Young Heart

I have pretty much always found that I get along better with people who are older than me. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I have 2 older brothers and I was always with them growing up or maybe I was just born what they call an 'old soul'. I have a few friends that are the same age as I am, they usually have kids like I do and can relate to the things that I am going through. I just seem to find that I have nothing in common with other 28 year olds. They tend to annoy me actually, as weird as they may sound. I have such a better time with women that are older than me, most of my close friends are at least 3 years older than me, a few of them are actually 10 years older, but I fell like I have more in common with them. Don't even get me started on girls younger than me! Don't get me wrong there are a few that I do get along with and can talk to and hang out with, just not very often. Has anyone else noticed that they just seem really young?? Their focus is just totally off from mine, they want to party and play and they go out all the time. I can't do that, I have a daughter, don't get me wrong I do get out sometimes, my boyfriend and I have a night out here and there or I will go out with friends. I work at night so I always say that working is my 'me time'. Still I can't seem to connect to the girls that are my age, unless they have kids. I went through my 'club phase' in six months when I was 21, since then, clubs just annoy me. I find myself critiquing the music, rolling my eyes at the other people there and just wanting to go home. I would much rather be sitting around a table with friends talking and having a few drinks while our kids run around together. I would rather sit at home and read a good book, or crochet/knit something! I used to get teased at one bar I worked at whenever I told people that I liked to crochet, they used to ask me if I was 80. Thankfully though, there are now more younger people out there crocheting and knitting so it's not such an 'old person' activity any more, and I enjoy it.

Then of course I have the other side of me. The side that still gets really silly and giddy when I am over tired, the side that gets excited when I find something that I really like. Last year my boyfriend got me a Nintendo DS just because, so many people look at me weird when I say I have one and then tell me "you know we got one for our child? They're 5/6/7", why does everyone think that the DS is only for kids???? I bought the Brain Age games first to expand my mind, lol, and I did play them a lot for the first while, it helped to explain to others why at my age I had one. Then I started to get more of the game games. I got the Mystery Case Files game, you know the one that Liv Tyler is playing in her DS commercial? Then for Christmas my boyfriend got me the Wall E game. My latest, Super Mario 64, my boyfriend bought it for my birthday and I love it! I have been playing it almost everyday for the last week and I get totally excited when I actually beat a level! I have actually been going on-line and finding the walk throughs so that I can figure out all the levels. I mean I do love the game but I have a 4 year old, I don't have time to sit there and figure it out all on my own! There are lots of other 'young' things that I like, playing on the swings, roller coasters, playing at the beach. Honestly though I think you need to have both sides. They balance each other out, keeps me from getting boring, or at least I like to think so.

So excuse me for now, I am going to go play my game, lol :)

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  1. I love my ds, have you played Professor Layton and the curious village? I'll bring it down for you next week, you'd like it it's a mystery type game that's all puzzles.