Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympic Gold!

Well, I have to admit that I am not much of a hockey, or Olympic, fan. I do enjoy watching some of the events, but I find it just seems to take a long time to really see anything. I did watch a bit this year, though not much. However, I do have to say that I am soooo PROUD to be CANADIAN today! Though I rarely watch any hockey, I did catch the game today, and it really was pretty awesome. It was such a close game, and to come in at the end with 3-2, it was great to see! Hockey is truly Canada's sport this year!! Gold for women's and men's. Way to go Canada!!!!
Not only did our hockey teams win gold, but Canada won the most gold medals than any other nation EVER!!!! GO CANADA!!!
Great Olympic high going on all over Canada tonight!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I think it's time I fork over the cash to get a spare car key

So T* had a dress rehearsal for her ballet today, she was suppose to be there at 2 for all the make-up and such, then the rehearsal would start at 3. At about 20 to 2 I went outside to put everything in the car and clean it off (we have been getting a lot of snow lately). I have power door locks, so I unlocked the car, put everything inside, tossed the keys on the drivers seat, grabbed my brush and closed the door. I started brushing the snow off and heard the doors lock, not thinking anything of it I continued on my way. Then I went to get in to start the car so it would be warm when T* got in. However the doors were locked, with my keys sitting on the drivers seat......of course there are no windows open because it's winter, none of the doors are unlocked, because they are power locks, and I have no spare key because the car is previously owned......... I start freaking out at this point because now I am going to be late, my purse is in the car, my car seat, T*'s dance shoes, everything!!! Of course I no longer have CAA because I let it lapse, not really ever using it. I get in the house and start calling around trying to find someone to open my car. The first place I call wants at least $98 to open it (not a chance!), the second place (a key shop) doesn't open cars but knows a tow company that does, the only thing is he can't remember the last 4 digits for sure, so he gives me 2 numbers to try. I call the first, a man answers,
I ask " is this --- Towing?"
he says it is, so I start telling him my story, keys in car, can't get in.... he asks where I am, "at home", he asks if I have CAA,
"No" all the while thinking that this is a kind of odd conversation to be having with a tow company, he asks if I have a spare key,
again I say "no, it didn't have one when I bought it", so he comes up with this idea that he will come to my house and use his CAA card and get my car opened because then it's free, he asks if this would be ok,
I say "yes that would be great", but then I start to think, this really doesn't sound like something that a tow company would do, unless these guys are just really really nice,
so I tell the guy " I don't think your talking to the person you think you are, is this --- Towing?" pause guy "No is this ---?" , me "No". Turns out that the last name on my phone is the same last name as his daughter and I sound just like her, and apparently locking the keys in the car is sounds like something that she would do.
I finally call the right number and the tow company gets to my house, 25 minutes later (I know they take a while for something like that). When the tow guy gets there he sets to work on trying to open my car, but he's not used to the tool that he has to use, so he calls his wife to bring his lock tool kit over, gives her directions, and we start to wait. A few minutes later his co-worker calls asking where the truck is because they are doing a shift change shortly, so guy #1 tells guy #2 where he is and asks him to come and use the tool that he has in the truck, apparently guy #2 is a lot better with it.
About 5 minutes later, two more vehicles show up at my house, guy #1's wife with his tool box, and guy #2 to use the original tool and take the tow truck. It took guy #2 about 30 seconds to get into my car, I am finally the happy recipient of my car keys, pay the guys, get T* out of the house, and we are finally off to dance rehearsal.
Talk about a whole big mess for something that only took the guy 30 seconds, but I was very thankful to him!!!
Really need to see about getting a spare key though, and that is the last time I throw my keys onto the seat and close the door!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I forgot how much I missed that

I had a baby yesterday...... just for the day, it was my nephew. He actually turned 15 months yesterday. Such a sweetie! My sister-in-law needed someone to watch him, he had been sick the day before so wasn't able to go to his daycare. I was available, T* was in school, so his mom brought him out to me. We had a great day. He still seemed a little quieter than usual but other than that he was great. For his morning nap I put him in my bed and laid down with him. It was so cute, he just laid there playing with his Scout dog, I thought that maybe he would fall asleep faster if I left the room, so I got up and went to the door, as I was closing it N* sat up and started to cry, so of course I went back and laid with him till he fell asleep, it actually only took another 3 minutes. Then I did a few things around the house while he slept. He was up 1 hour later, and had lunch, seriously this little guy eats, it is soooo nice to see, he just love to eat all he gets, and there's nothing picky about him, I wish T* was like that, she is always so picky about what she wants to eat and it's always the same things over and over again, sooo annoying!!
After lunch, N* and I played around a bit, I folded the laundry, then we got all ready to go pick up T* from school. He chatted away in the backseat most of the way there, so cute to hear that again. Got to the school, a little later than I should have, so not used to all the things you have to get ready for a little one anymore, put him in his stroller, got T*, who was totally happy to see N* there and had to bring all her friends over to see her cousin. Then while I talked to some of the other moms, T* went sledding down the hill while N* watched. He loved it, it was so cute, he kept pointing at the kids and doing his little chatter. When we were finally getting ready to leave, I put him in the car and he started to cry, until I got T* in and he realized that she was coming too, so sweet. So we got home, they played for a little bit and then N*'s dad came to get him. All in all it was a really nice day, but it made me realize how much I miss having a baby in the house......maybe one day there will be another one, fingers crossed!