Friday, February 12, 2010

I forgot how much I missed that

I had a baby yesterday...... just for the day, it was my nephew. He actually turned 15 months yesterday. Such a sweetie! My sister-in-law needed someone to watch him, he had been sick the day before so wasn't able to go to his daycare. I was available, T* was in school, so his mom brought him out to me. We had a great day. He still seemed a little quieter than usual but other than that he was great. For his morning nap I put him in my bed and laid down with him. It was so cute, he just laid there playing with his Scout dog, I thought that maybe he would fall asleep faster if I left the room, so I got up and went to the door, as I was closing it N* sat up and started to cry, so of course I went back and laid with him till he fell asleep, it actually only took another 3 minutes. Then I did a few things around the house while he slept. He was up 1 hour later, and had lunch, seriously this little guy eats, it is soooo nice to see, he just love to eat all he gets, and there's nothing picky about him, I wish T* was like that, she is always so picky about what she wants to eat and it's always the same things over and over again, sooo annoying!!
After lunch, N* and I played around a bit, I folded the laundry, then we got all ready to go pick up T* from school. He chatted away in the backseat most of the way there, so cute to hear that again. Got to the school, a little later than I should have, so not used to all the things you have to get ready for a little one anymore, put him in his stroller, got T*, who was totally happy to see N* there and had to bring all her friends over to see her cousin. Then while I talked to some of the other moms, T* went sledding down the hill while N* watched. He loved it, it was so cute, he kept pointing at the kids and doing his little chatter. When we were finally getting ready to leave, I put him in the car and he started to cry, until I got T* in and he realized that she was coming too, so sweet. So we got home, they played for a little bit and then N*'s dad came to get him. All in all it was a really nice day, but it made me realize how much I miss having a baby in the house......maybe one day there will be another one, fingers crossed!

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