Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh how time flies

Is is just me or has anyone else noticed that the older you get the faster time goes by? I remember as a kid it seemed to take forever for anything to happen, to reach a certain age, it was always the longest day if you were waiting for something to happen. Now though, even if I am looking forward to something, time just seems to speed by.
After you have kids it gets even worse! It's like I blinked and she got to be five. Last Friday she finished her first year of school. It feels like it was just yesterday that her dad and I were explaining what junior kindergarten is, telling her about all the new friends she would make and all the things that she would learn. Now she is already finished! One year is all gone! I remember being so worried about her starting school. My daughter is one of those children who have never been with a babysitter, other than family, she was never in day care, or any pre-school. I was always the one to take her to any "classes" that we put her in. School was going to be a big step for both of us. Where we live they start at four years old and they go all day every other day, this was going to be a HUGE change. She was great though, I think the only reason I even got a hug good-bye on that first day was because I asked for one! She just took to school, loved being there, loved her firends, loved learning. She was always asking me when she got to go to school next. I can't beleive how much she changed either! It's like she went in my little baby and came out my little girl.
I do have to say that I have totally lucked out on most of my daughter's first big things. Her first birthday was massive! We rented a hall, it was catered, open bar, there were about seventy or so people there with about thirty kids all under the age of ten! Her first library "class" wa a small group, her first swimming lesson she was the only kid in the class, her first dance class she had a great teacher. Her first year of school? A class of thirteen, and the best teacher I could ever have chosen. The teacher was great, all the kids loved her, all the parents loved her. I think it helped a bit that she also had a son going into junior kindergarten, not at the same school, but still. She even got chocked up on the last day and had most of us parents choked as well, she will be missed next year. I really hope that she has as much fun at her new school as she had at this one.
Over all it was a great first year at school. I realized that my daughter can be away from me and survive, and so can I. She is growing up and learning so many new things, she has so many questions about everything and always has something to say. She found some of her voice at school, and learned that she will make a great leader. She loves people and always wants to help everyone. Really, she's a great kid. I realized that sometimes it takes looking through someone elses eyes to see just how amazing your kids are!
Now that summer is here though, I have no idea what to do with all her free time!! lol It will be fun though!

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