Monday, June 22, 2009

It's officially summer!

Bring on the heat, summer is here. The sky is blue, the sun is out, the bugs are out, ice cream trucks are driving around, people are heading to the beaches, school is almost done and father's day was yesterday. I was actually getting a little worried for awhile there that summer was going to skip us this year, sure we had a few nice days but it seemed to be raining every other day almost. Then even if it was a nice day it would cool way down when the sun was gone. I kept complaining about it, as I'm sure others were too. 'Where's the sun? Where's the heat? I want summer! No more cold.' Well it looks like we got our wish! I can't believe how quickly the temp went from the low teens to mid to high twenties! I also can't believe that I am writing a blog about the weather! Lol, oh well, it is what it is.

I do love summer though, I love heat. Im one of those bad people who love to just lay in the sun and soak up some rays. I honestly love tanning, not so much the tanning bed though that can be relaxing as well but there is just something about laying in the sun and feeling your body soak it in, ahhhh. I think there is only one thing that I really wish I had during the summer and that is a pool. Sure I have the required kiddie pool for the little one but I'm sorry, sitting in a pool where the water only reaches up to the middle of your legs (this is while you are laying down) just doesn't quite cut it you know? Maybe this will be the year that I go all out and get one that I can actually enjoy as well. I do admit that even the kiddie pool can be nice sometimes, at least to cool your feet off anyways. I would really like one where the water at least goes up to my stomach when I sit down. A friend of mine actually has one that blows up but, it has a "seat" in it and drink holders, it's also pretty deep too, I believe she got it at good old Walmart. For now I will have to make do with just getting my feet wet.

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  1. I think blogging about THE WEATHER is something everyone should do!! Especially if it's blogging about the incredibly creative and wonderful video of the Vancouver area as seen on The Weather Network!