Friday, June 19, 2009

There's a first for everything

After many many months of thinking and talking about it I finally started a blog. I signed up with and wrote my first ever blog. Not very interesting at all, I just kind of did a bit of an introduction, talked a bit about what I was going to write about, pretty much anything.Then I went and looked around at other blogs and realized that most of the people on blogher don't actually blog on it, they just have links to other blog sites. Not really sure why that is. Now that I have signed up here I'm thinking that maybe it's because you get a bit more of a choice with how things look at other sites. I don't know, but I decided to join a different blog site myself, as you can tell.

Isn't this thrilling?? Lol, I know there really isn't all that much of interest in this entry but give me a break, it's only my second blog. I have many things to say on many subjects. Basically if it rattles around in my brain the chances are high that it will end up on here. I hope that those who do read it find it somewhat interesting. I have a number of odd ideas of things to write and I pretty much always have something to say about everything. I hope that people will give me their feedback as well just because.

Well, I honestly think that's about as much as I can think of to say on the subject of first and second blogs, I promise there will be other subjects to come. Though it might be kind of funny to just continually write about previous blogs, I doubt that it would be very interesting though and would probably get rather repetitive after awhile. So while you might find this fairly uninteresting, I will have other things to talk about.

Maybe I'll see you back here, now that I have totally caught your attention!

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