Saturday, June 20, 2009

Knit one Purl one

I started crocheting about four years ago. With a bit of help from a great friend and a lot of practice, figuring out how to read a pattern, teaching myself all the stitches, I still don't know them all yet. I love it, it's relaxing and when I finish something I always feel great because I have created something with my hands. I usually follow the patterns to start but then I tend to go off on my own. I make all kinds of things, blankets, hats, mitts, scarves, purses, toys. It's something that I love doing. However I have found that a lot of the clothing for crochet is a little odd, at least all the things that I have found anyways. So in order to expand my repertoire I have decided to teach myself to knit. I figure that I taught myself to crochet I can do this too, I'm a pretty smart person. I have tried this a number of times over the years but have never been able to find a good book that has actually been able to teach me. Don't get me wrong, I've had friends that have taught me a bit here and there, I learned the knit stitch and did alright with it. Finally this past Christmas my brother and his girlfriend got me a little booklet: My Knitting Teacher by Susan Bates. It teaches you the basics, and actually has really great diagrams, finally pictures where I could actually see what they are doing!! I am proud to say that after a lot of practice I have finally learned the purl stitch! I started my first project last weekend and after starting over again, and again, and again.... I have actually got a bit of a scarf done. There is one problem with it, apparently I picked the wrong kind of yarn to make a scarf so the side curl in, but I figure that just adds a little something to it, it's like my own way of making a scarf, though I am sure there are probably others out there that have done the same, but have they kept it that way?? Lol Even though it may not be perfect I am still going with it, I am really enjoying my new found craft. I hope that I am able to pick it up as quickly as I did crocheting and learn all kind of new things to make. I also hope that now that I have so much of the scarf done I don't have to end up taking it apart and starting over. I think my next project will be a hat, that's what I would like to do anyways. Though it might take awhile, we'll see.

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  1. That's the problem with stockinette stitch it will roll, you could always add a few garter sts rows on both sides to offset- though you'd have to finish it then pickup the sts to do it at this point, also a 1x1 ribbed scarf wouldn't roll and has the same look (you wouldn't see the purl unless you'd stretch it out)if you decide to do another one.

    I will bring down some knitting books for you to borrow!