Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pregnancy Brain

It's funny how you seem to totally lose your mind when you get pregnant. Things that used to be so easy suddenly become almost impossible. Working in a bar (as I did) became incredibly complex, I couldn't ermber what people ordered, I had a hard time hearing people right - I once had a customer come in and ask for a vodka and orange juice and what I heard was a bucket of oysters - making change was horrible even the simplest of math, what's the change for a $4.25 drink when the person gives you $5.00?? I mean these things used to be easy!!
It's like your mind just decides to go on vacation, like you really don't need it anymore. You can't remember anything, you go into a store for socks and come out with ten items, but forget the socks. Anytime you put something down and walk away you can't find it for a week. Walking in flip flops feels like you're on a tightrope. Then there are the hormones..... I will always remember the day I made myself some pasta for lunch, I was happy and hungry and just about to eat, then the plate tipped and my pasta ended up on the floor, I promptly began to cry. Even as I was crying I kept telling myself that there was no reason to cry I could make more- out loud of course because that's what happens when you are pregnant- but my pregnancy brain just wouldn't listen.
It's like your brain becomes a completly separate person, a totally new entity, you can tell it what to do and what you want till you're blue in the face but Pregnancy brain just doesn't care. Pregnancy brain only has three concerns, food, sleep, and baby, not necessarily in that order. You get up in the morning, Pregnancy brain is still tired, sometimes still asleep. You have breakfast, Pregnancy brain is still hungry. Then of course every conversation you have with anyone, relates somehow to the baby- friend 'I got a new car yesterday' Pregnancy brain "really? that's nice, the baby moved yesterday" friend gives you an odd look, Pregnancy brain just keeps smiling that odd fawaway smile.
It is a good excuse though, 'You forgot to get socks again!' "Sorry Pregnancy brain" grin, 'oh you want a screwdriver not a bucket of oysters, hehehe Pregnancy brain", and people are soo understanding about it. Though as ggod of an excuse as it is, there should probably be some kind of expiry date on it, I used that excuse at work the other day and the customer said 'oh that's alright, when are you do??' my reply? "I'm not she's four now". For some reason the customer gave me a really strange look.... I guess I'll just have to go back to my old stand-by, "sorry, blod moment" teehee.

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