Friday, March 12, 2010

Just singin' along

I guess you never really notice how often you listen to the same songs until you realize that you know all the words. I tend to pick up the words to songs that I like fairly quickly, if I can't figure them all out on my own, then I will look them up. I am thinking that T* is just as quick as I am. It always amazes me when we are driving along listening to a C.D when all of a sudden I can hear this little voice in the back ground, just singing along, only missing a word here and there. It's so funny and cute at the same time. I think the craziest part of all is the songs that she knows. Now I do have kids C.D's in my car, but they do get a little annoying after a while, so usually I have some of my own music on. T* learns most of the words just from being in the car. One of the first songs I hear her sing was Enter Sandman by Metallica, it was soo funny! T* was about 2 1/2 3 at the time, then there was Beautiful by James Blunt, now it's a huge mix of songs, anywhere from Taylor Swift, to Rise Against, to Paramore, to Pink. It's so cute hearing this little voice in coming from the back seat. She has her favorites too, she never fails to ask to hear them again and again. I have had to tell her a few times that if you listen to the same song to many times then you wont really like it anymore, it will get annoying, but she doesn't believe me, she tells me that she will always love whatever song it is. I wont prove it to her because I actually like these songs as well and I don't want to get sick of them!
It's rather enjoyable driving along singing with T*, I really have a lot of fun with it. I am hoping that she keeps her music tastes eclectic as she grows up. I have always been into a huge variety of music, it doesn't always make sense how I jump from genre to genre, but I enjoy it. I hope that T* has the same kind of love of music as well!

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