Monday, May 30, 2011

A play, a ballet, and piercings

I am so proud of my little girl. T* had a school play a few weeks ago. This is the first one she has been in as her school begins letting them in the plays when the kids reach grade 1. It is not mandatory, those who would like to be in it have to audition and get parts. I'm pretty sure that all the grade 1 who auditioned got parts, it's just nicer that way right? The kids did such a great job! The show was a pieces of 5 different Broadway plays, Grease, Sound of Music, Annie, Oliver,and now for some reason I can't remember the other one. T* was an orphan in Annie, they were all soo cute! The little ones didn't really have any lines, but did have to sing and dance for 2 songs, it was a really great show! There were a few older girls in a couple of the other shows whom I can totally see becoming famous singers, they were truly amazing! I love the fact that T* is into that kind of thing. It's so much fun seeing her up there on stage getting into a "role". I am totally looking forward to next year, I really hope she decides to be in the school show again!

The following week, T* had her last Ballet performance for the season. I love watching her in Ballet, I love seeing all the girls, they are all so beautiful and it's amazing to see what they can do. T* has been in Ballet now for about 4 years. It seems so strange to say that because she is only 7. I am really hoping that she sticks with it, I would love to see her really go somewhere with it. Our last performance for this season was a Gala performance. This was the first one (gala) that T* and I have been involved in (I am part of the parent advisory committee). It was a lot of work leading up to it, we needed to find sponsors and donations for our silent auction, it took a lot of work but it totally paid off. The show was amazing. It was truly a celebration of dance (which is what the whole gala was called). All the girls, young and older were in tutu's for the first part of the performance, then there were 2 more sections. We were pretty much sold out which was really great to see. The silent auction went really great as well, as far as I know we sold most, if not all of our items. It kind of became a community effort. Even though most of the seats were taken by parents and other family members, I'm pretty sure there were a lot of other people as well. That goes with all the advertising that we did leading up to our show. I am so glad that I got to be a part of it. T* was awesome! She is truly becoming a little ballerina, and I am so proud of her. She really works hard in ballet, I really really hope that she sticks with it. I'm pretty sure she could be a very great ballerina.
This is an overview of the girls. T*'s one of the ones in pink.

I got a really funny story out of the ballet as well. I always volunteer for all our performances, I'm usually backstage helping out with the youngest dancers, normally there are a few of us backstage but because we only had one performance this time all of us parents wanted to be able to watch the show. The other volunteers all went downstairs before the show started but I was to come down with them, just to make sure the girls remembered to stay quiet and to make sure all the costumes and shoes were on properly (I was watching the girls between the ages of 5 and 9). While we were waiting for our cue to go downstairs I was standing with the younger ones. 2 of them started to play with my hair, "you have really long hair, it's nice", then it went to "I like your nail polish", "you have a lot of earrings", "how come you have so many ea rings? (I have five in each ear) so I told them "because earrings are fun, you can dress anything up with different earrings". Then one of the girls said "you have a sparkle on your nose", so I had to tell them that no it wasn't a sparkle it was a nose ring, I then had to take it out and show them how it went in my nose, that started a whole thing on how much it hurt and if I could change it or not. Then I told them that I also had a ring in my tongue, well.. that launched a whole big discussion on how it gets in your tongue, how you change it, how they pierce it, how you eat with it....... The funniest thing about the whole discussion was the girls around 8 and 9 kept saying "ewww that's so gross, can I see it again?", "I'm never going to do that to my tongue!" and yet they kept asking me all about it.... I'm sure their mom's will just love the fact that I was talking to them about my piercings, but it did keep them quiet and occupied for the time that we had to wait lol. I have discovered that belly button rings and tongue rings are very good entertainment for little kids, it's pretty funny. I have kept 1 year olds occupied for 1/2 an hour before just showing them my tongue ring lol. See, tongue rings are good for something! lol

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