Friday, August 14, 2009

The little things

With the way things are right now, you know, work is slow, money is tight, that kind of thing, I've noticed that I'm more stressed out a frustrated than normal, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Because of this I feel that we should all try a bit harder to pay attention to all the small things. Not all the little things that go wrong, I mean the good things. With so much going on around us and overwhelming us we tend to overlook so much.
Usually I'm a fairly easy person to please, I don't need a lot of stuff, but I find it hard to look past the stress now. I figure that writing about the small things that usually bring a smile to my face and having others see them will not only help me to feel a better, but maybe it will help someone else as well.
So here goes:
I love when my daughter only needs to be told to do something once. I love even more when she doesn't have to be told at all. I love how she will go get herself a snack and grab something for me (or her dad) as well, just because. I love it when she comes up to me out of the blue and gives me a hug or tells me she loves me. I love when she cuddles with me. I love when my daughter tells me stories.
I love when my boyfriend will clean the snow off my car in the winter, or start my car for me when it's cold. I love how he'll ask me to go with him to run errands just because. I love how even though he's not big on P.D.As he'll still hold my hand or give me a quick kiss in public sometimes. I love how we can talk about anything at all with each other. I love that we can totally push each others buttons, make each other angry, but still come back to each other no matter what.
I love how I am close to so many in my family. I love how supportive they are. I love how much fun my family has when we get together. I love how my sister-in-law and I can call each other just to rant.
I love how I have a few friends that are just like family!
None of these things are really major, and some people might not notice them, but I think maybe we should all take the time to see them. It's easy to let the stress of life drag us down, but there are so many things that we have to be thankful for. It doesn't have to take something big, just notice the everyday. The more time we take to notice the small things the easier it will be to find them! It will help you to appreciate the people that you have in your life, and you will realize that maybe you are really lucky after all.

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