Friday, August 28, 2009

ahhh the rain

This year there hasn't been much of a summer for us, though that sucks in a number of ways, I honestly can't really complain too much. Though I love to be outside in the sun, going to the beach and those kinds of things, I really love the rain. I love the smell, I love the way it makes everything look fresh. I love it when it's kind of warm and it rains, I love walking in the rain, I have even danced in the rain, though not for a long time. It's just really nice, I love to sit and watch it fall, I love listening to the sound of it falling on a roof, it's relaxing in so many ways, and when it's over there is the beauty of a rainbow, I love when it rains while it's still kind of sunny out because then there are tiny rainbows all over, little prisms of light to see everywhere. I've always liked the way you can see it coming across the sky, it's really cool when you actually get to a spot where you can see the line of where the rain is stopped, one side is raining and the other side is sunny, soo neat to see!

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