Monday, October 26, 2009

Conversations with a 5 year old

Yesterday, as the end of a busy weekend, we went to a family get together, one of my Aunts was visiting from B.C so we all drove to my cousins for supper (had a wonderful time, was great seeing everyone again, looking forward to Christmas). On the way home we discovered that it isn't a very good idea to give a tired 5 year old ice cream just before you get in your vehicle for a 30 minute drive home.
Our ride went something like this:

5 minutes constant chatter from the back seat ie: the stars are blue the sky is blue the trees are blue daddy's hat is blue mommy's coat is blue everything is blue. the truck is pink the stars are pink daddy's face is pink daddy's hat is pink the trees are pink the world is pink the whole universe is pink, 5 before 2 4 before 2 6 before 2 7 3 5 ........... it really was non stop!
then T* 'what's a constellation?'
Me ' it's a picture in the stars'
T* 'Can YOU make one???'
Me ' no, it's not a picture that you make, it's a bunch of stars together that make a picture'
T* 'OOhhhhh'

7 minutes constant chatter from the back seat.
Then R* had to go to the bathroom, so with nothing around he pulled over to the side of the road (it was night, there was nothing around). This is the conversation T* and I had while he was out of the truck:
T* 'Mommy, what's daddy doing?'
Me ' He's going potty'
T* 'There's a bathroom here??' (remember all there is around us are trees)
Me 'No there's no bathroom, boys pee standing up'
T* 'ewwww I hope he doesn't do that at home!!'
Me (trying not to laugh) 'yes he does it at home too, but in the potty, remember mommy told you that boys have different parts than girls? So they can pee standing up'
T* 'ewwwww yucky!! yucky yucky eeewwww'

3 minutes constant chatter from the back seat
T* 'are we there yet????'
Me 'almost'

seriously have some of the funniest conversations with her, I have no idea where she comes up with some of it. All in all it was an entertaining ride home.....

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  1. Kids are hilarious. My 6 year-old goes nuts on sugar. None of the others have but Katie acts like she has been doing shots of expresso...